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At the University of Lincoln we have many relevant programmes where the database Euromonitor International is such a key resource such as Business and Marketing, International Business, International Tourism Business, Human Resources, Logistics, MBA and Social Research. In addition to these courses other departments such as Lincoln School of Film & Media, National Centre for Food Manufacturing (NCFM), Sport and Exercise Science are seeing the benefit of using this resource.

Euromonitor has access to 80 countries for both Industries and Countries and Consumers, and cross-comparable statistics as well as different types of analysis so why not take a look at the video outlining some of these features.

Euromonitor can be found via > resources > databases > E > Euromonitor.

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New subject library guides

From 1st June Business School subjects will be split meaning that Martin Osborne will support Business, Business & Management, Management, MBA, and Professional Development.

I have published subject guides for the courses I will support from next Monday:

Daren Mansfield, Academic Subject Librarian for all of the above….CaptureDarenPoster14

Book of the Month: Harrison et al (2012) Improve Your Grammar

You may be wondering what the new Academic Writing team (Judith Elkin, Cheryl Cliffe and myself) are doing over the summer? One of our objectives is to dive into the Library’s vast collection of grammar books, which includes Harrison et al (2012) Improve your Grammar (found at 425 har on the 1st floor). Harrison et al (2012) naturally covers speech, sentence clauses, and everything you would expect from a grammar book but what I found most helpful was commonly misused words (pp. 112-113) and the appropriate selection of phrasal verbs in writing more academically (pp. 110-111), as well as Palgrave’s effective layout and subtle use of colours to highlight themes. This opening statement about practical accessibility does justice to our extensive range of Palgrave Study Skills books (49 titles!) held in the Library:

“‘Improve Your Grammar’ is a study and practice book for students attending or planning to attend a UK university.  It concentrates on the specific areas of grammar and coherence where students frequently make mistakes, and deal with these in a straightforward, accessible way” (Harrison et al, 2012, 1).

That said, French novelist and linguistic conjurer Gustav Flaubert sparked a revolutionary approach in grammatical use by writing sensuously about what he felt, what he imagined, rather than adhere to strict rules that he considered claustrophobic and detrimental to his art; an unorthodox approach praised by fellow great novelist Proust when he noted Flaubert’s grammar elicited a beauty in itself. Perhaps that is the answer? Once you feel comfortable with expressing yourself grammatically then you have attained the ultimate goal and have to voyage beyond conventions…

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Harrison, M., Jakeman, V. & Paterson, K. (2012). Improve Your Grammar. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Library’s eating and drinking policy – have your say!

#YourLibrary invites you to a discussion about the Library’s eating and drinking policy on Thursday 28th May, 4pm, The Library, Ground Floor 1.5. This is an open meeting for all Library users, which of course includes staff and students, and is your chance to discuss and influence current policy.

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“Cannot send this item” problem in Outlook

After earlier recommending Elif Varol’s fabulous problem-solving blog called Thought Cloud I thought it would be a good idea to circulate one of her most popular posts about email problems in Outlook which received several encouraging comments.

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Elif Varol
trouble-shooting blogger

How to insert page numbers in Refworks

Whenever we run one of our Library workshops on the referencing software Refworks we always need to remember to answer the ubiquitous question ‘How do I insert page numbers within Refworks?’. Fortunately, this is precisely what Elif Varol (Electronic Resources Library Assistant) has done as part of our Just Ask facility where students ask any question to the Library team – for the answer see below for a series of step-by-step screenshots. Also, why not check out Elif’s informative Thought Cloud blog at:

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Lincoln’s research Repository

The University of Lincoln’s highly recommended Institutional Repository is our permanent deposit of research outputs which can be browsed or searched through this website or through searching the internet. Wherever possible, repository content is freely available for download and use according to our Copyright and Use Notice.  The Lincoln Business School holds some 885 articles (browse by University structure > College of Social Sciences > Lincoln Business School) whose impressive archive stretches back to 1989. Alternatively you can browse by year,  subject or creator (via an a-z of surnames).  For instance, Geeta Lakshmi currently has 7 articles with more in the pipeline, and Juliana Siwale has 8 articles in the Repository as members of the Business School.

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Daren’s new subject guides

As Martin and I are splitting our subject responsibilities on 1st June this year I have published six new subject guides which cover my areas. These guides will shortly be added to the a-z list via .



Daren Mansfield

(new) Academic Subject Librarian for  Accountancy & Finance, Advertising and Marketing, Economics, Events management, International Business, Tourism 




R4 Start the Week: Joseph Stiglitz & Steve Hilton on Inequality

Whilst looking forward to a new Economics course starting this September I found last night’s Radio 4 programme called Start the Week which discussed inequality worth listening to.  During the first half of the programme broadcaster and journalist Andrew Marr chairs an interesting debate with PM David Cameron’s former senior adviser, Steve Hilton, who believes our governments and institutions are too big, and argues for a more human-focused society. The US economist Joseph Stiglitz tackles rising inequality in the West and blames the unjust and misguided priorities of neoliberalism. Amongst the topics in the programme discussed includes whether ‘trickle down economics’ actually works, the opaque accountability of multinationals, the upcoming EU referendum and whether Scotland continues to be a member of the United Kingdom.  The programme is found here: .

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Remember to update your Inter Library loan user details

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If you are registered for our free Inter Library Loan service it is always recommended that you update your personal details just to make sure the Library knows your existing address, current email address, etc.  Users can do this by logging into  Inter-library loans choosing the ‘Edit Personal Details’ in the left hand menu, updating their address and clicking update.  This is especially important if a user is requesting a photocopy journal article.

Users can also  track and view recent/current requests by choosing  ‘View your Requests’ and using the drop down menus.

Perhaps the most frequently asked question is how many requests you can submit per academic year:

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