Summer improvements to the Library

The University Library implemented a new system in the summer, alongside several improvements to the Library service. Together this is the biggest change to the Library in over a decade.

We have worked closely with students to understand what they want the new library system to do, what extra services they require, and how this can enhance their academic journey.

Benefits and changes

  • Search the Library – it is easier to find material across the physical and digital collections.
  • Automatic renewal – if a book is not requested, the system will renew your book for you.
  • Recalls – you can recall books that are on loan.
  • Simplified loans – we have reduced the number of loan types.
  • We have increased the amount you can take out of the library.
  • There is an improved requesting system.
  • We have better notifications and personalised communication.
  • There is the ability to manage your library account on mobile devices.
  • You can see your full loan history.
  • There is a new search facility.

Frequently asked questions, and answers, about Using the Library are available:

Recalls, Requests and Automatic Renewal

We have introduced recalls, requests and automatic renewal.

  • Automatic Renewal. If a book is not in demand by another student or member staff, books will automatically renew. This will reduce fines and increase access to books.
  • Students and staff are encouraged to request books on loan. If a book is on loan, students and staff can request the book and it will be recalled to the library.
  • Books will be recalled by the Library if they are in demand by other students or staff. If a borrower has a book that has been recalled, they will receive an email asking for the book to be returned to the Library within 7 days.
  • Fines are only charged if a book has been requested by another user and it is not returned by the due date given.

The Library reviewed how the collection was used in the year before the new system was implemented.  This information was used to determine the loan types.  An analysis of high demand books, for example, ensured that we have a reference copy in the library of the books that are most popular with students. We also examined three day loans that had not been borrowed in a year, and these were changed to one week loans to encourage greater use.

One week loan items remain unchanged. High demand normal loans have become one week loans to ensure students do not need to wait for books. Other books now have a four week loan period to encourage use by students. The aim is to simplify loans and encourage more students to borrow more books.

What does this mean for me?

  • Your account information has moved to the new system including all books on loan.
  • Your account log on details remain the same.
  • Your loan limit has increased: all internal borrowers will be allowed up to 30 items.
  • If no one else wants the book you have out on loan, it will automatically renew.

Loan periods are simplified. In line with student feedback wanting books for longer, we have removed the 24 hour and three day loan categories. Normal loan books have become 4 week loans.

In addition the new system allows us produce better management information about how staff and students use the collection. This will better enable us to acquire books and change loan types based on staff and student data. The library will become more dynamic based on how it is used by students and academic staff.

Searching the Library

Books and journal articles can be found by searching on the home page of the Library website:

It is also possible to access individual electronic databases and electronic journals from the ‘Find’ menu on the Library website.

Other new developments in the Library:

  • A new Library Counter
  • New printers
  • New entry gates and self-service,
  • New ‘smart’ MiFare cards
  • 3D maps,
  • Upgraded TV screens in seminar and group rooms (UL110, UL102, Group Room 3)


We are confident that we are continuing to improve our services for you. We hope you agree and we would be interested in any feedback (

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