14,000+ words seems like A LOT, but subject librarians are here to help

What’s my role as an Academic Subject Librarian?

Along with Martin Osborne I support all the subjects in the Lincoln International Business School, apart from distance learning subjects which are covered by Helen Williams, another academic subject librarian. My role consists of supporting you with research and offering advice on Harvard referencing.
Researching the library online has never been easier. During the lockdown we are purely delivering electronic resources, with an emphasis on e-books and electronic journals.
An important aspect of my role is to help you find good quality resources, which could be peer-reviewed articles from esteemed publications or choosing broadsheet newspapers like the Financial Times.
My number one piece of advice is to only start writing when you fully understand your assignment question. This means reading as much as you possibly can around the topic. There are no short cuts.
If you have any questions to do with research or referencing you can contact me via email (dmansfield@lincoln.ac.uk) or via Microsoft Teams (Office 365).
I am also a member of the Writing Development team in the Library. In this capacity you are welcome to send me a draft of your work and I will provide you with general feedback.
I look forward to hearing from you.