Thinking Digitally conference 2015: streamed sessions

One of the truly wonderful things about the Internet is that although I couldn’t go to the Thinking Digitally conference (I wish I had now!), I am able to watch, listen and learn about a world that I’m interested in, but don’t know enough about. The Thinking Digitally conference is held annually at The Sage, Gateshead since 2008 and the latest was delivered from 19-21 May 2015 for those those curious about how technology is shaping our future. It’s an experience for those who have a desire to learn and who seek connection to a community of other innovators, inventors, leaders, makers and creators of our future. It is a feast of ideas and should open your mind to new possibilities as it did mine. The sessions are here:

For instance Holly Goodier, currently the Director of Marketing and Audiences at BBC Digital, and a member of the BBC’s Digital Board leading teams responsible for research, analytics, creative strategy and marketing across the BBC’s digital portfolio, speaks about the emotional web observing that younger people are watching less television. A younger audience prefer online to television, the preferred entertainment option for the older generation. She drills down into how younger audience behave connectively,  meeting other people online as a form of entertainment. “Don’t spend time predicting the future; let’s make it what we want it to be” declares Holly Goodier from @BBC@ThinkingDigital #TDC15.

Tony Hey as former Vice President of Microsoft Research Connections, a division of Microsoft Research, talks about embodied applications such as a speeding company car emailing the boss!  Ade Adewunmi is amongst the other speakers, who is Government Digital Agent at Government Digital Service. But….Sam Aaron who is a Post-doctoral Researcher at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and codes music for people to dance to is a revelation. Do you know what a Raspberry Pi is? Sam will tell you if you watch the conference (from c.1hr 10 mins). Sam (who was compared to Mozart on Twitter during his talk) entertainingly demonstrates ‘experiment and play’ to the audience and how to program some music including how to include drum and bass and adding reverb. What may appear to be, at least on the surface an IT media conference turns into an amazing trance session!  One member of the audience tweeted: ‘Watching @samaaron use Sonic Pi is one of be most mesmerising, gorgeous things #tdc15‘. Apparently a 10 yr-old can do music programming! Sam asks the audience at one point: ‘is this interesting’. The audience cheer in euphoric response. A full list of speakers is included here:



Holly Goodier (Director of Marketing and Audiences at BBC Digital)





The Library Coffee Event

Announcing the return of the Coffee Lounge!

Coffee cup

When: Tuesday 18th September

Where: The Library ground floor

What time: Between 10am – 2pm

You feel like some free coffee and cake?

Fancy a chat about the services the Library has to offer?

Or just want to sit down with a nice hot drink and relax after rushing around the Freshers’ Fayre?

The Library Coffee Lounge is a chance for you to find out about the services the Library provides in a more relaxed and informal setting.
It is an opportunity for you to get to know the Academic Subject Librarians and the Customer Service team.
But it’s also a chance for us to welcome you to the Library and to the University for a new academic year.

We hope to see you there!

Library Induction Lectures!

Hello all and WELCOME to the University of Lincoln.

Just as a gentle reminder here is a run down of Library Inductions for w/c 17th Sept 2012:

Thursday 20th Sept

13.30 – 14.00 Accountancy & Finance BL1101

14.30 – 15.00 Tourism BL1102 (Moot Court)

15.00 – 15.30 Marketing & Advertising BL1101

Friday 21st Sept

09.00 – 09.30 Business BL1101

09.30 – 10.00 Business & Managment BL1101

11.30 – 12.00 LBS Direct Entry Students BL1101


We look forward to seeing you all there!

Chat to us on Meebo

Meebo Messenger is a social messaging web-based platform that allows us, the Business Librarians, to answer queries in a more informal way and to extend our interaction with users. If you would like to use this facility then please be assured that correspondence is not seen by anyone else.  To everyone else, the screen will appear clear of any text.

If we are logged onto Meebo it will say ‘Business Librarian is online’.  Alternatively,  if we are out of the office for whatever reason, Meebo will say ‘Business Librarian is offline’.

To find out more about Meebo and how it can be used with other applications like Facebook, please see Pierce Jason Jonota’s two-minute screencast video available on YouTube: