New eBook: Kirkwood’s (2020) Strauss’s handbook of business information: a guide for librarians, students, and researchers 

Screenshot of book coverIn an era of ‘fake news’ reliable sources are needed more than ever. Trawling through business-related content often means considering non-academic but useful sources. The web according to WorldWideWebSize (2022) ‘estimates that­ there are more than 60 billion pages’. Fortunately, Kirkwood’s (2020) encyclopaedic Strauss’s handbook of business information: a guide for librarians, students, and researchers is now available as an eBook in the Library is here to help. Strauss’s handbook of business information (Kirkwood, 2020) attempts to solve the riddle of navigating the labyrinth of business resources with a wide range of chapters on print resources, databases, newspapers, journals, company and industry information, statistics, economics, investments, stocks, bonds, real estate, et. al, and any dutiful researcher trying to find credible business-related information is bound to find this book extremely insightful.


Kirkwood, H. P. (2022). Strauss’s Handbook of Business Information: a Guide for Librarians, Students, and Researchers, 4th Edition. ProQuest Ebook Central. Available from: [Accessed 27th April 2022].

WorldWideWebsize. (2022). The size of the World Wide Web (The Internet). Available from: [Accessed 11th May 2022].

14,000+ words seems like A LOT, but subject librarians are here to help

Report writing presentation via Scribd

Acquiring report writing skills is such an important element of work and study. During the preparation for this library workshop I came across The University of Leicester’s Hate Crime Project and the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, which are groundbreaking reports demonstrating how important they are in today’s society. Not only that, they are examples of best practice which we all hope to aspire to. No small task though.

This presentation is a compendium of various sources from Oxford Brookes University to University of Reading, et al.

Report Writing 2018 by Daren Mansfield on Scribd

Announcing Library workshops this Semester

If you’re wondering how the Library can help you this semester then there are loads of workshops you may be interested in. Reserve your place today!

Workshops Flyer at University of Lincoln Library by Daren Mansfield on Scribd

Academic Writing Support: Extended opening hours until 3rd May

Design your survey using Qualtrics

Earlier today, I presented this lecture to 1st year Lincoln International Business School students about Qualtrics, survey software. This includes instructions and advice on setting up your account.

Qualtrics: Design your study by Daren Mansfield on Scribd

Mercian Conference slides on trust and academic writing

This is a presentation which Cheryl Cliffe and I presented at the inaugural Mercian Collaboration Conference on Tuesday 12th September, covering trust and academic writing which contains some surprising and illuminating findings.

Do They Trust Us, Do We Trust Them by Daren Mansfield on Scribd

Introductory video about Academic Writing Support

Instead of embedding this YouTube video as I would normally do, I decided to embed the tweet from my @LINCLibrarian twitter account. It features the Academic Writing Support (AWS) manager, Judith Elkin, answering questions about what the services does to help students with their assignments. If you would like to book an appointment or turn up at one of our drop-in sessions then please see the AWS guide

Ever wondered whether online grammar checkers really work?

Ever wondered whether online grammar checkers really work? There’s been limited research on this area, so a recent post on the learning development in higher education network (LDHEN@JISCMAIL.AC.UK) is welcome news.

There’s a link to this article which suggests that students found the Grammarly site useful and helped to improve their assignments, as well as increasing their confidence; though as with everything academic, there has to be a healthy dose of critical evaluation. Nothing’s foolproof after all.

As a matter of note, the site is tested against the framework of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) which grades ease of use, and the research surveyed the Australian College of
Applied Psychology (ACAP) and Navitas College of Public Safety (Melbourne, Australia).


Conquering Exam Stress: Lessons From Our Bodies

Coping with exams this week? Try out this video on Conquering Exam Stress: Lessons From Our Bodies examining the physiology of stress and how to take control. This neatly coincides with the start of Mental Health Awareness week, where we are encouraging everyone to be aware of any problems and talk when they need to.

Office 365 and Refworks

If you want to use the web version of Office 365 and Refworks then unfortunately, Refworks is not compatible with cloud-based programs. This also applies to Write-N-Cite and EndNote. To use Refworks, you will need Word installed on your PC or laptop which you can download for free from Office 365’s installation button:


If you still wish to use MS Word on Office 365 then you could still create a bibliography from Refworks but you would need to copy and paste the final bibliography into your Office 365 Word document.