The four benefits of Google Docs

Saving the right version of a document as been a headache for me over the years. Things all over the place. Edited versions bumping into each other and overlapping occasionally. I resisted using one platform, but it exists. So I’m happy to announce my recent Damascene conversion to Google Docs. Free to use, you don’t need Word or Office at home and you can be sure that you have the right version of your document in the right place, at the right time. (You can export your file to Word if you wish). All you need is a Google Docs account which you can create easily and within seconds. It linked to my work profile on gmail so I didn’t to set anything up. Google Docs allows you to to type papers, create digital presentations, and share documents. It’s four great features includes auto-save (hurrah!), which means that you don’t lose any work, and you can share your documents with other Google Doc Users which means you are able to collaborate and use feedback too. Lastly all you need is Internet access. It’s simple, straightforward and stress free. And a relief.

You can also create multiple folders too, which means that you can use it as a separate drive and not worry about unreliable or lost memory sticks, passwords or so forth. I’ve started, and I think it’s an easy solution to the disorientation of having many files in different places and which came first. No longer a problem!