Use the Snipping Tool, not PrtScn, to capture images

I find using the PrtScrn button on the keyboard unhelpful when capturing images or the screen as it includes everything, sometimes personal information, as demonstrated below. Well, to be honest, even this screenshot was edited…There is a simple alternative though.


Whenever I give a lecture and show how to capture data such as charts and tables using the Snipping Tool, it is definitely a crowd pleaser, despite it being so easy to use. I don’t think many students know about it, hence this blog post.




It saves editing a screenshot where the toolbar and icons are evident, and anything else you may have accumulated at the bottom of your screen.  Windows instructions are captured below (naturally using the Snipping Tool), but on our system at the University of Lincoln, I go to Start> Accessories > Snipping Tool > Add New (a cross appears) > Scroll over screen / image > Copy > Paste into document. Remember to reference whatever you have copied if you’re writing an assignment.  I regularly use the Snipping Tool for the blog as any image is so easy to capture, but I have to save the image to a file and insert the image (under Visual mode) as I’m using WordPress.


New season, new look blog

As no doubt you are aware if you regularly read this blog, I’ve radically changed the appearance of the Business Librarian blog to make it look, well, more cosmopolitan. Spring has finally arrived; there was a glorious sunrise this morning; out with the old, in with the new, etc. For all those keen Word Press bloggers out there, I’ve chosen the spring-like Press Row template, added a new city banner to show an international business theme, and a note-taking (pencil & notepad) background to illustrate the study environment here at the University Lincoln. I hope you like it. And it proved easy to do. If you’re a blogger, why not welcome the new season with a re-vitalised blog?


Becoming an avid blogger: blogging tips from a Subject Librarian


Back from hols now! This is a post I wrote for the CILIP blog and was published on the 20th July. In my opinion blogging does include choosing a style, not taking yourself too seriously and so forth, but the main driving principle is to simply do it. Practising the art is not about making everything perfect (for that is the charm of blogging), but it’s about regularly maintaining a social media presence and overcoming fear. It can be scary entering such a huge forum, but after a while you’re looking at notifications, feedback, comments to prove that it’s actually working and promoting whatever you’re writing about. In my case I am keen to promote the University Library and its resources for research. My best hope is that this CILIP piece may encourage some to start blogging or at least get others to post more frequently and find their voice in the blogosphere.



The Business Librarian Blog joins Twitter

The time has finally come to create a work-related Twitter account to relentlessly publicise the Business Librarian blog and its content.  180+ posts and counting since its inception in 2011. As you know, I blog regularly throughout the working week and would like to (shamelessly some might say) generate more hits. Join me in my quest to promote the University Library to Business School students @LINCLibrarian.

In addition the great joy about setting up a work account is that I am able to link to subject-related journals, magazines, newspapers and organisations that I’ve been familiar with for several years in my role as subject librarian for Accountancy and Finance, Advertising and Marketing, Economics, Events Management, International Business, Modern Languages and Tourism.

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