Top tips on proof reading

At this most frantic time of year, proof-reading becomes a crucial part of the pre-submission process of any assignment and especially for those dissertation students who have been working so hard for several months on their research. Nothing can go wrong – or can it?  According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), too many employers were having to invest in literacy lessons for their staff, and an online entrepreneur reckons that millions are lost in online sales because of poor spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and so forth (BBC, 2011).  With online sales accounting for over £500 million a week, proof reading skills need to be acquired before a business student graduates. Fortunately, there is a plethora of online materials to help those students before they choose the submit button on Turnitin. Or to be more specific, the University of Reading with its insightful list of effective proof reading tips, is a useful place to start.

Ah, YouTube. A Wealth of Material for the Enquirer. Be warned though, as some (other) videos on proof reading contained mistakes! For those wishing to delve into more about proof reading, East Tennessee State University, offers some suitable academic advice. Perhaps easier to follow if you’re tired, rather than reading a list. Basically, the rule is not to leave it to the last minute, and avoid proof reading on the bus (too bumpy, being tired & probably not paying attention anyway).