How do I capture an image using the Snipping Tool software?

Creating graphs yourself can be a lengthy process, especially if you’re struggling to meet a deadline. At the University of Lincoln we have the Snipping Tool software that enables you to capture images, which you can then either paste it into your document or save it and upload the image onto a web-based platform, such as a blog.

First decide on what image you want to capture, and have the graph ready to capture on your screen (this one is about the worth of global marine ports & services 2007-11 from the Marketline database). Always remember to properly reference though!

  • Start > all programs > accessories > launch Snipping Tool
  • File > New (the box disappears and  a cross appears)
  • Hold the left-hand side of the mouse down and drag a square or rectangle over you image
  • Release the mouse and the image you have captured appears
  • copy image and paste into your document
  • OR to save the image > File > Save As


Marketine (2012, 8).


Marketine. (2012). Global – Marine Ports & Services. Figure 1: Global marine ports & services market value: $ million, 2007–11. [industry profile] Available from: [accessed 27th March 2017].

Use the Snipping Tool, not PrtScn, to capture images

I find using the PrtScrn button on the keyboard unhelpful when capturing images or the screen as it includes everything, sometimes personal information, as demonstrated below. Well, to be honest, even this screenshot was edited…There is a simple alternative though.


Whenever I give a lecture and show how to capture data such as charts and tables using the Snipping Tool, it is definitely a crowd pleaser, despite it being so easy to use. I don’t think many students know about it, hence this blog post.




It saves editing a screenshot where the toolbar and icons are evident, and anything else you may have accumulated at the bottom of your screen.  Windows instructions are captured below (naturally using the Snipping Tool), but on our system at the University of Lincoln, I go to Start> Accessories > Snipping Tool > Add New (a cross appears) > Scroll over screen / image > Copy > Paste into document. Remember to reference whatever you have copied if you’re writing an assignment.  I regularly use the Snipping Tool for the blog as any image is so easy to capture, but I have to save the image to a file and insert the image (under Visual mode) as I’m using WordPress.