Steampunk Tea Duel in the Library

We had about 25 attendees at the Steampunk  Tea Duel (competitive biscuit dunking, with rules) on Saturday and it was great fun. Our motive for holding the event was to entice Lincoln Steampunks onto campus so we could take studio photographs to add to the archive. The Tea Duel champion was Martyn Balmont  (no 19) and the youngest combatant was Henry aged 8.










Be a Steampunk in the Library!

Steampunkery in the Library! Between 1pm and 3pm as part of Welcome Week students can try on Steampunk costumes; top hat, bowler, pith helmet, corsets, waistcoats, braces,  lace and frippery etc. on the ground floor of the library. Join us next to the new display case on the ground floor. Our model is Oonagh Monaghan, the Academic Subject Librarian for Psychology, Sport & Education captured earlier in the week on her way to work. By sheer coincidence, Lincoln hosts Europe’s largest gathering celebrating Steampunk culture, an annual event collectively known as ‘The Asylum’.