alighting the Transliteracy Express

I’m nearing the end of the University of Lincoln’s Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age (TELEDA) course having started the course last October. We consumed a veritable feast of social media (Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn, Pin Interest, blogs, wikis, screencasts) as well as keeping a reflective diary about our learning journey. This engagement contributed towards an eportfolio which holds evidence of activities, reflections, scholarly research and so forth.  It’s certainly reinvigorated my interest in recording screencasts which I have routinely added to this blog, and I definitely feel more confident in engaging with social media, which happened to be my original aim of enrollment.  Without knowing it at the time,  I achieved the wonderfully titled term ‘transliteracy‘ which is the ability to write across several platforms.


If you’re interested in digital literacy then it’s worth watching the latest Jonathan Dimbleby lecture by digital guru Martha Lane Fox broadcast last month: